A Sweet Song from Louisiana!

lwt close up bestWell, its more like a sweet sound from Mexico because that’s where this Louisiana Water Thrush probably winters.  Ah, but this summer we probably have a couple pairs nesting on the brook feeding into Puffers Pond in Amherst.  My good friend Ann and I just stood on the bridge and called him in using my ebird app.  What a beauty.  The eye bar is so striking and its thrush like stripped chest is so natty!  We did learn that the LWT is actually not a thrush but rather a warbler…who knew, he sure looks like a thrush! Some shots I got showed a bit of yellow in his breast feathers.  Maybe that’s the hint.  He was a bit agitated by the calls from my app but when he settled down, he was a real poser.  We just loved his tail flick.  And his call, sweet and very loud.  My friend Ann learned that the call of the LWT has to be really loud to be heard above the girgle of the brook or creek.  Take a listen:

Like I said, he loved to pose for us.  At times it was hard to pick him out because his coloration blended so well with the brook, so I put in a couple of picture to see if you can find him.  Remember to click on the photos to enlarge, it will help you find Waldo!

Where's Waldo #1?

Where’s Waldo #1?

Where's Waldo #1-  He's on the rock at the bottom of the picture.

Where’s Waldo #1- He’s on the rock at the bottom of the picture.

Where's Waldo #2?

Where’s Waldo #2?

#2- on the branch!

#2- on the branch!

lwt on rock w grass best

What a looker!

What a looker!

lwt on branch w yellow back view

He really did love to sing.  And sing he did!

He really did love to sing. And sing he did!

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