Sunday was Story Walk Day at Fitzgerald Lake!

book all wildlifeWhat a great afternoon at Fitzgerald Lake.  Kestrel Land Trust and Broadbrook Coalition sponsored a Story Walk for Kids of all ages. Joan Robb, Ally Sullivan and Kari Blood planned a wonderful walk with stories from “Over in the Forest, Come take a Peek” a children’s book by Marianne Berkes and Jill Dubin (see below for some of the illustrations that were put on posts).  There was face painting and then a wonderful storyteller, Rona Leventhal, entranced the kids with stories of wildlife.  See below for her rousing story of the Wide Mouth Frog.  Everyone had a wonderful time!  The stories are available for viewing all this week at the entrance to Fitz Lake.  Remember, click on pics to enlarge them!

facepainting close

Face painting was a real hit!

facepainting flower facepainting group group1

ally joan and kari

Ally, Joan and Kari from Kestrel.

Rona Leventhal told stories of frogs, and owls, and turtles too!

Rona Leventhal told stories of frogs, and owls, and turtles too!

wildlife credits wildlife raccoons wildlife pileated wildlife deerskipping down the trail

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