The Horned Lark!

A tuft of feather on each side of its head, stands up, making them look like they have horns.

A tuft of feather on each side of its head, stands up, making them look like they have horns.

Ahhhh, the horned lark.  I first encountered the horned lark last winter on the fields of Aqua Vitae Road in Hadley.  There were a couple hanging out with the huge flock of snow buntings.  When then turned their head to look at me, it was kinda eiery because of their horns!  I next encountered them while giving a dune tour way out on the far reach of the National Seashore in Provincetown near the Race Point Light.  In the dimming light, a lark in the middle of the road was acting like it couldn’t fly, trying to lead me and the large suburban I was driving, away from its nest in the dunes.  The video is down below.
Well, two nights ago, my friend Ann and I got a really good luck at a flock of horned larks hanging out on a snow pile by the side of the road in the Honey Pot of Hadley.  They were totally unconcerned about our presence and didn’t really want to move very far.  I returned last night to figure out why.  Well the video below shows why.  They actually dig small holes in the ice, almost like igloos, and then stay there for the night to keep warm!  I was losing most of my light to photography but the video below is really interesting.
Here is the lark trying to lead us away from its nest:

here are a couple videos of the igloo making horned lark, very cute:

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