Earth Day Baby: The Eagle Chick has Hatched!

It is confirmed, the bald eagles have hatched a chick.  Probably on the Saturday or Sunday around Earth Day.  Spectacular!  They’ve been feeding it and it finally lifted its head above the crest of the nest.  What a cutie!  The female has been staying on the nest with the male bringing in food.  However, at one point, after delivering fresh fish to the nest, the father flew to a nearby tree and then so too did the mother.  The chick was a bit disconcerted but it seems they’re preparing the little one to be left a lone on occasion.  What a great morning I had, watching the baby chick, the herons, and the other denizens of the wetland.  I even had a muskrat scoot by!  Coming up this week, some video of the herons, but first, here’s some video of the chicklet:

click on pics to enlarge:

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I live in Western Massachusetts, in the incredibly beautiful Connecticut River Valley. I've been hiking, kayaking, and tracking wildlife throughout the Valley with lots of photos and videos that people may like to see. Whenever I travel I also take my cameras just in case I see great scenery or wildlife. My passion is wildlife conservation so I try to attend wildlife workshops and land preservation events (Habitat, Habitat, Habitat!). When I get a chance, I videotape the experts, they're just so knowledgeable and inspiring. I hope you enjoy my posts.
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