Nursery- Spring, 2012

What a week!  A bald eagle pair have taken over a great blue heron nest.  Many people were worried that the Great Blue Herons (over 30 nesting pairs last year) would abandon their rookery but it looks like the Heron’s and the Bald Eagles can live together!  Early in the week, the heron’s were courting and pairing off, by the end of the week, many of the pairs seemed to be ready to lay their eggs and begin parenthood.  The eagles have already laid their egg(s) and are keeping vigilance on the nest.  Video forthcoming.

About John Body

I live in Western Massachusetts, in the incredibly beautiful Connecticut River Valley. I've been hiking, kayaking, and tracking wildlife throughout the Valley with lots of photos and videos that people may like to see. Whenever I travel I also take my cameras just in case I see great scenery or wildlife. My passion is wildlife conservation so I try to attend wildlife workshops and land preservation events (Habitat, Habitat, Habitat!). When I get a chance, I videotape the experts, they're just so knowledgeable and inspiring. I hope you enjoy my posts.
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