They’re Back! It must be Spring…

Hey Folks,
Well I was out on the Honey Pot in Hadley with my friend Ann Kearns, looking for the Rough-legged hawk and clay-colored sparrow.  No go, but did get some great video and pics of a young red-tail hawk feasting on what I think was a mouse.  There weren’t a lot of duck moving around but this red-tail was a great reward:

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Cape Cod Natural History Conference at the four C’s.  What a great time, presentations ranged from saving dolphins to researching horseshoe crabs to an amazing presentation of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (  Getting there was a trial, it was blizzard conditions from P-town down to Hyannis.  I almost turned around but persevered, it was worth it.  I checked out a couple of places on Sunday where I thought there might be some migrating waterfowl.  Saw some bufflehead, red-breasted mergansers, and even Brant Geese!  Take a look:

Quick note, I started using my new Canon Powershot SX40.  Its a superzoom (28-840) with 12 megapixels and HD video.  I love it; its so much lighter than my Canon Rebel T1i with the heavy 100-400 zoom lens with 2x extender (taking me up to 840).  My back and shoulders are loving it, and the pictures and video are very good!

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I live in Western Massachusetts, in the incredibly beautiful Connecticut River Valley. I've been hiking, kayaking, and tracking wildlife throughout the Valley with lots of photos and videos that people may like to see. Whenever I travel I also take my cameras just in case I see great scenery or wildlife. My passion is wildlife conservation so I try to attend wildlife workshops and land preservation events (Habitat, Habitat, Habitat!). When I get a chance, I videotape the experts, they're just so knowledgeable and inspiring. I hope you enjoy my posts.
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