Terry Blunt, Blessed be the Conservationists!

Friends and Family of Terry Blunt gathered today at the Sugar Loaf Overview to celebrate his life.  Looking down on the Valley he loved so much, people shared their memories of him: his sense of humor, his love of beagles, his love of wilderness and open space.  Incredibly, Terry was a partner in preserving literally thousands of acres of farmland, wild habitat, and land buffering and protecting the Connecticut River.

John Muir wrote:
The enemies of wildness are invincible and they are everywhere,
but the fight must go on.
For every acre you gain,
10,000 trees and flowers
and all the other forest people
and the unborn generations
will rise up and call you blessed!

Terry was truly blessed, as we all were for having him with us here in the Valley.

The Valley that Terry loved so much was an appropriate backdrop for a memorial celebrating his life’s work.  He worked tirelessly to protect farmland and habitat.

In part, thanks to Terry’s work, a marshy, wetland at Mass Audubon’s Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary known as Ned’s Ditch was preserved for all the generations to come.  He hadn’t been to Ned’s Ditch  for twenty years so I invited him to hike through hip deep water and muck to spend a day sitting in a bird blind with mosquitoes and nats.  He jumped at the chance!  I had the pleasure of spending a day with Terry talking about wildlife and the incredible beauty in nature.  What started as 3 Great Blue Heron nests, twenty years ago when Terry helped preserve the area, has grown today to a rookery with over 50 nests.  His legacy will live forever.

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I live in Western Massachusetts, in the incredibly beautiful Connecticut River Valley. I've been hiking, kayaking, and tracking wildlife throughout the Valley with lots of photos and videos that people may like to see. Whenever I travel I also take my cameras just in case I see great scenery or wildlife. My passion is wildlife conservation so I try to attend wildlife workshops and land preservation events (Habitat, Habitat, Habitat!). When I get a chance, I videotape the experts, they're just so knowledgeable and inspiring. I hope you enjoy my posts.
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